SEA Limited $SE 2024 Q1 Earnings: Key Takeaways and Analysis

SEA Limited (NYSE: SE) has recently announced its Q1 2024 earnings, presenting a mixed bag of significant revenue growth but also noticeable profitability challenges. Below is an in-depth analysis of the key highlights from the earnings call.

Revenue Growth

  • Total GAAP Revenue: SEA Limited reported a robust total GAAP revenue of $3.7 billion, marking a 23% year-on-year increase.
  • E-commerce Segment: The e-commerce segment continues to be the primary growth driver, generating $2.7 billion in GAAP revenue. Notably, marketplace revenue rose by 33% year-on-year to $2.4 billion.
  • Digital Financial Services (DFS): The DFS segment saw a 21% year-on-year growth, reaching a GAAP revenue of $499 million.
  • Digital Entertainment: Driven by the popular Free Fire game, the digital entertainment segment reported $512 million in bookings and $458 million in GAAP revenue.

Profitability Challenges

  • Net Loss: Despite revenue growth, SEA Limited experienced a net loss of $23 million in Q1 2024, a downturn from a net income of $87 million in Q1 2023.
  • E-commerce Adjusted EBITDA: The e-commerce segment's adjusted EBITDA saw a significant decline, recording a loss of $22 million compared to a positive $208 million in the previous year.

Segment Performance

  • E-commerce Details:
    • Core marketplace revenue grew by 47% to $1.7 billion.
    • Value-added services revenue increased by 8% to $0.7 billion.
  • DFS Segment: Adjusted EBITDA for the DFS segment increased by 50% to $149 million, showcasing improved operational efficiency.
  • Digital Entertainment: The adjusted EBITDA for this segment stood at $292 million, reflecting the strong performance of their flagship game, Free Fire.

Operational Highlights

  • SPX Express Integration: The integration of SPX Express into the Shopee ecosystem has improved delivery times and operational efficiency.
  • Digital Entertainment Development: Ongoing development in digital entertainment, particularly around Free Fire, continues to bolster the segment's global popularity.

Analyst Q&A Session

When being asked about the key drivers of SEA Limited's 21% growth in digital financial services (DFS) revenue, and how the management would see the growth momentum sustaining in the coming quarters, CEO Forrest Li thinks that their efforts on user acquisition have produced significant growth in both user numbers and the loan book size while maintaining prudent risk management.


Given the impressive revenue growth but ongoing profitability issues, could SEA Limited balance its expansion strategies with cost management to achieve sustainable profitability?


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