Reading through the comments on this sub confirms my suspicion the market is not rigged

If a bunch of second graders challenge me to a game of basketball and I destroy them, I have not manipulated the game. Reading through Reddit comments reminds me that so many of the people in the market are playing at the second grade level. They have fundamental misunderstandings of the market, make beginner level assumptions and mistakes, lack patience, etc. so I get a kick out of reading about the evil hedge funds with their algorithms screwing retail, and the billionaires screwing over the little guy to get just a bit more. There is plenty of unfairness and injustice in the world, so we don’t need to make up boogeyman. Hedge funds did not make you buy palantir at $45 and sell at $15. Billionaires did not manipulate prices by selling stocks at the end of the calendar year, causing your portfolio of high risk stocks to mysteriously crash. Most people lose money from their own rookie mistakes or greed and now it seems fashionable to blame someone or something else for that. The less accountability you take for your own portfolio, the less successful of an investor you will be


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