Questions about cloudflare’s (NET) earnings?

Disclosure: I’m quite new to reading financial statements, so if I make any mistakes in interpreting this, please correct me.

while their revenue growth and user growth were really strong, there are some metrics I can’t quite explain from Google finance.

Google finance says that cloud flare had:

Diluted EPS of -.24, a decrease of 118%. YOY

A decrease in operating income: -40.68M (decrease of 64% YOY)

Net change in cash: -304.4M ( -11,343% YOY )

are these metrics less Important then the user growth and revenue growth? Was the net change in cash a one time event?

while the revenue growth and user growth are incredibly impressive, is the substantial decrease in these metrics YOY a cause for concern?

how do you view the earnings as a whole?


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