$PERI adtech value opportunity

With earnings coming up on Wednesday, this Israeli based adtech company has beat and had upward revisions every quarter for the last year. They already raised guidance for 2022 in January and typically underpromise and over deliver. Trading in low 20’s p/e it is a great value play and 2-3x short term is a very good possibility.

It’s peers, $APPS, $TDD, $MGNI, $PUBM are all trading at much higher valuations and all have similar growth trajectories.
Perion has ZERO debt and $350million in cash for M/A. This is a great time to jump in for an investment imo.

Advertising companies are growing, the shift to CTV and companies like Perion will have great tailwinds due to Apple’s privacy changes.
$PERI’s award winning SORT technology is cookie-less and is proving out to be a game changer for targeted advertising.

In my opinion, it’s getting a lower multiple because it’s not an American company, but they have offices all over the United States and time will prove that this is a mistake.

Management is executing and reaching their goals. What else could you want in an investment during times when the Market is in turmoil. I want high growth and big returns. With the lowest valuation of all its peers, This can give you both.


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