Paypal ( pypl )

I see revenue growing ex eBay 20%.
It just will be impacted by eBay till 1st half of 2022. And than venmo coming in Amazon which is still growing at mid teen% and the business is still profitable and have alot of free cash flow. And we see e commerce going up and paypal is accepted by 73% of largest 1500 retailers in US. They did $3 billion in share buyback in 2021. And venmo grew 50% last year. I agree there earning to remain flat this year what the management said they taking very conservative approach. But revenue to grow at 17% in 2022. You think it's will be around $200 in an year? Or am I being biased as my average is at $185 . What you guys think about this company? And where you see in an year or 2


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