Opinions wanted QYLD vs QQQX vs NUSI

Hey folks,

As a part of a larger portfolio I'm looking at adding one of these three funds, or a similar alternative.

It will be providing my only straight nasdaq/qqq-esqe exposure, be weighted about 10% of my total portfolio, and it's goal is to bump my total portfolios dividend income %.

I'm fully aware of the basics as to how these covered call funds work, and have been reading/researching/paper trading etc for since around May 2020.

The fund is intended to be held long term (~10 years) with periodic rebalancing.

I'd like to hear any thoughts opinions etc that place one of these funds above/below the others for some reason, any suggestions as to other funds that would adequately fill this slot (I am going to be into for same weight the s&p/rus/dow sister funds Ala DIAX/SPXX etc to comprise 30% portfolio weight total) as well as any particularly pointed factoids you may have, for example the nuveen funds have two distinct expense ratios (that I had to read fine print to find) .69%+.2% …

Anyway I will be making my own decisions and know this is not financial advice will dyor etc.

Thanks in advance


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