Near-Worthless Stock Advice/Help

Can someone suggest a way to remove a near-worthless stock from my Fidelity account? Calling it a penny stock would be an unwarranted compliment. This was some scam purchase I made 20 years ago when I used to be naive. I'm still naive, but I used to be too.

I contacted customer service and they said a security has to be defined as worthless before you can treat it as such, ie. just getting rid of it? I asked if there was a way to get rid of it and they gave me zero options, perhaps because they are aware I'm trying to transfer my assets and these shares are making it difficult. I tried creating a gifting account to transfer it over there, but apparently it's not tradeable or something? I even tried filling out a contribution form and letter of instruction.

There is no way to set a sell order for it. If I try and sell it for .0001 (the lowest Fidelity allows me to set, it gives me an error about average daily volume cannot be determined. It wont let me sell it for market or because there is no bid/ask.

Any help would be appreciated!


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