Long time investors with still more time on your side, what’s your current strategy in this market?

I’ve been investing for a while and always curious what others are thinking in times like these. I started right before the 99/2000 dot.com bust and been through the fall of ‘08. Those were crazy moments investment wise, but I stuck with it. Before the last election, when no one knew what was going to happen, more than a few friends were deciding to liquidate some or a majority of their portfolio because no one was sure how the market was going to react. I decided not to liquidate, although I dialed down new investments and just saved more cash a bit. Now, with where we are today, I’m hearing the same noise – people talking about liquidating their portfolio to cash. I’m still minimum 10 years, most likely a lot longer (hopefully) from needing to touch my investments so I’m inclined to stay put. I actually have been on a modest buying spree the last two months and those stocks are down, which, when I look at the portfolio, doesn’t feel good had I just left it in cash, but I remind myself it’s all long term investment.

But I’m curious as to what other people who’ve been investing for a while, and still have time on their side, are thinking. I guess if I was 2-5 years away from retiring and knew I needed those assets, I may have a different reaction.


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