Long Term Investing – Blue Chips (AAPL, MSFT, GOOG) vs Index’s VOO and SPY

I see a lot of posts saying to just throw your money into an index like VOO/SPY and DCA and you wont have to worry. Obviously blue chips can change and may not produce anywhere near the same levels, but if you threw your money in VOO, last 12 years (since it started) would return 313%

AAPL last 12 years: 1535%

MSFT last 12 years: 1169%

GOOG last 12 years: 951%

no way to tell if they'll produce the same yields for 12 more years (doubtful if I'd have to guess but who knows) and not all have dividends / as high as VOO, but seems like throwing some money across those or $nvda, $amzn for another 5-10 years would be “safer” if you just close your portfolio and look back, or DCA at a reoccurring set timeframe.

There will be stocks that outperform, but are apple, miscrosoft, google, amazon going away anytime soon? Very curious to see some thoughts on some stocks / etf's if you just throw money in and look back a few years later, or DCA at a reoccurring timeframe. I get the DRIP with dividends, but that still won't even touch the returns as those blue chips.


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