Let’s chat cybersecurity

With the global tensions, the war that Russia is playing against NATO will likely be more online than physical. It’s noted that escalation continues, so my thoughts are that if things do get bad, it may be a good opportunity to pick up some cybersecurity companies as a hedge.

Naturally it will open the door to take on a lot more contracts, whether it be large private companies looking for more security or government contracts. We know Russia likes to play this game and has been for some time, I even think these efforts will surpass physical “troops on the ground” funding from Russia.

Some companies that come to mind $ZS, $CRWD, $PANW, even newer players to the field $BB. Although $SWI looks to have the most government penetration, their recent breach makes me think it’s a dying company and will be hard to have its reputation recover.

What companies do you see leading this industry?


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