Just sold off about $3000 in stocks at a loss because I am a novice and was really sick of looking at them

Just wanted to vent. I am a inexperienced investor that has been personally dabbling with stocks in the last few years. I decided recently to cut my losses on horrible stock picks like ACB, HLYN, WKHS, MMAT CGC, etc.. because I was literally sick at looking at them and knew they had nothing to do with everything else going on right now, and more me not knowing what the hell I was doing. Probably loss about 3 grand total. Just gonna stick to ostly etfs and blue chips from now on.

Gotta come to terms with myself, I am not a “investor” who does all the necessary DD and all the other important things one should do and should really stick to the most simplified stocks if I am going to stay in this. I really have no interest in learning all the necessary skills of what it takes to be in this.

Hard lesson learned. Face palm.


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