Just curious, does anyone out there have a short position/puts on Apple? If so why and what does your position look like?

Full disclaimer. I do not own a short position on Apple nor will I open one. This is not financial advice.

I personally don’t have the strength to bet against the US economy nor its largest companies. I’ve held short positions in the past at certain moments of time, but I don’t have the mental fortitude to do so again. It’s tough business to do successfully and takes a lot of resolve.

Here’s why I ask the question though. Apple is the largest corporation in the world at close to 3 trillion in market cap and represents close to 6% of the S&P500. A broad based pull back or bear market would have to happen on the back of Apple. It’s chart is parabolic, P/E is trading at 30, much higher than it’s been able to sustain historically. That, and over 10-30 cycles, leaders in the S&P tend to lost their standing over time. Think GE, Sears, Cisco, etc. Buffett often talks about how hard it is for the largest market cap corporations to sustain that position long term.

So it begs the question. Anyone out there shorting Apple? If so why and what does your position look like / how are you building your position?


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