Is it bad to withdrawal from shares and sell them?

Might be a dumb question, not very knowledgeable about stocks. But I inherited some stocks from a passing family member and my father always complains I spend too much(things are expensive) but has also gotten mad I want to sell a few and my job at the moment does not pay well. So, I’ve thought of selling some for some money to basically move out and use it for rent. I have a few hundred shares and if I sell about 30 then it’s a few thousand.

But I don’t know if withdrawing would affect me at all, besides taxes does it look bad if I were to get a loan or something along those lines? Or is it possible to buy things with stocks without withdrawling it directly?

Part of me feels bad for wanting to since I’ve been told not to touch it by others too but I don’t understand why. Im also worried that this company, although is big, isn’t really talked about these days but its competitors like Apple are lol


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