Is Berkshire (B) selling at a markup?

I'm researching a few stocks of the S&P 500 that I like more than the index itself, and therefore I want to own individually to overweight them in a mostly ETF portfolio.

I really like Berkshire and the business they are invested in: I'm looking to own good business and sleep well at night, so Berkshire seems a reasonable choice for me.

I would like to know how do they make money to pay the managers and if the valuation of the company is greater than the sum of its holdings plus cash (Buffet-Mumger goodwill value, hidden fees)…

I think it would be a good stock to get more of some of the best business in the S&P in one easy step, it's probably not soo risky long-term and might be better for tax purposes. It just seem to good to be true.

Soo where's the catch?


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