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I often read investment and stocks subreddits in addiction to my usual economic and financial research. One thing really stands out. Panic selling is always because people give too many fucks about what their investments are doing. The first step is to figure out how long you are investing this money for or what is it you are saving for. When will you need it? Do you care if it does much more than beat inflation?

You could read about all the best ways of investing but this isn't about that. The point is that if you know what you are doing and where you want to be going then any temporary setbacks should be as relevant as a bug on your windshield. It happens. The bug is gone and it probably had a short lifespan anyway. You flip your wipers and forget about it. The same goes for investments and savings. Sometimes you can't save as much as you set out to or an emergency happens and you need to spend some savings. The actual flow of money over a span of time should be towards securing yourself and any family you have. Panic and stress over the short term that doesn't impact you is a waste of your time.

TLDR numbers go up numbers go down and your goals will be completed eventually.

Forget about it. You could go have a coffee.


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