Investing in Green Energy Was The Best Decision

I got into investing about a decade ago and the first thing I did was research for weeks. I thought that I should invest in things that I cared about so I researched all the apps, products and services I used. When I was about to make a decision on the regular F500 there was something missing. Environmental concerns. Everything about solar added up. We not only had the technology, but it was growing at an unbelievable rate. The cost of manufacturing kept decreasing while the efficiency kept increasing. Cash flow, market cap, incentives, technological advances, growth rate, ect. Every company I was going to invest in was using this new product.

That money has multiplied so many times over. The biggest win for me wasn’t even 9 years ago, but about 4 when I invested in the micro inverters ENPH for $5. Today, that product is on my house and cut my bill in half.

Even with the stock down with everything else at 40%, it’s still up 10,000% since 5 years ago.


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