Investing For Passive Income?

Hey all. I'm a relative newb to the investing game currently, with a managed 401k and IRA through Fidelty and Betterment respectively. They're fine for long term savings, but I would like to start DCA investing in specific stocks or funds to build up a passive income stream over time.

What stocks/funds/others(?) should I look into for passive income? Not interested in trading or leveraging, just DCA into some solid positions that pay over time. I see a lot of articles that assume the reader has tens of thousands of dollars available to invest and I do not – with inflation + cost of living eating into my money, I can afford to put away a few hundred extra dollars per month. My goal is to build a portfolio over the next 4-5 years that will pay dividends and provide some extra income through continuous investments. Advice appreciated 🙂


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