Insider or Nah?

I usually answer my phone because I always enter myself into drawings, and today wasn't really any different, except that it was a New Jersey number, or says my caller ID, and the insurance company that we are dealing with is from NJ as well. I answer it and the guy on the other end with a foreign accent, couldn't really place it other than he was probably white, asked for me by name, and as I wanted to hang up began asking me about copper and if I had invested in it, told me that today was the best day to get in on this specific stock because it was at seventy-four cents. He didn't try to sell me anything, just told me the name of the stock and asked what I was invested in and what platforms I used, said I should buy today, and told me he would text me more details, which he never did. Anybody have something like this happen to them, does it sound like insider trading? I'm new to this so I don't really know.


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