Inflation, the elephant in the room

I have been very bullish on stocks since November. But once good companies with solid fundamentals start crashing 20-30% in a day like penny stocks it might be time to address the elephant in the room, inflation. Everyone wants to argue whether inflation is out of control because of money printing or supply chain issues, I say the cause is irrelevant cause inflation is here. And inflation is the topic of every discussion from work, home, family gatherings or the bar. And inflation becomes a self fulfilling prophecy once the masses expect inflation to rise. And everyone that tries to tell you what is causing inflation or when it will end has never lived life before the 70's 80's. They don't know because we haven't experienced this since Nixon took the USA off the gold standard and we had an energy crisis. So everyone needs to be humble, realize cash may not be trash, and most of the brighest's minds telling us how to prepare were not alive the last time we had 7.5% inflation, or they were kids listening to those old boomers who they thought had the answers for everything.


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