I think Peloton is going to tank hard after earnings tomorrow. Here’s why…

Everything going on with Peloton recently is suspicious. They released preliminary quarterly results on January 20th on their investor relation page which only gave us a peek into their coming up short on expectations. The stock tanked 25% subsequently.

Then we conviently get rumors about a possible acquisition after their preliminary report and the stock reclaimed the initial 25% drop.

What this tells me is that their earnings are going to be horrible and they wanted to mitigate the blow the full earnings report will have on their stock price by having the price hit come in two waves with a pump in-between based on nothing but a maybe. We're witnessing some serious grasping and manipulation from a dying company trying to stay afloat.

I predict we're going to see Peloton tank hard tomorrow on earnings after market close from not only a huge miss on EPS/revenue and declining subscriptions, but also from no further concrete acquisition news considering no savy suitors would buy an unprofitable company at their current overbloated valuation.

What are your thoughts?

Link to their preliminary report: https://investor.onepeloton.com/news-releases/news-release-details/peloton-interactive-inc-reports-preliminary-second-quarter/


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