i have several questions for the Roth IRA

My parents are still employed

  1. If my parents contribute to Roth IRa now, it will be in 2022?
  2. Do my parents get the tax form from Fidelity for Roth IRA contribution?
  3. Doesn't matter if my parents contribute FXAIX, SPY, or VOO for SP 500?
  4. Doesn't matter if it ETF or mutual fund?
  5. Is this a good time to contribute to Roth IRA?
  6. Since my parents are in their 60, and they have no retirement savings. If my mom contribute $400 – $500 into her roth ira, and my dad contribute $200 – $300 into his Roth IRA. Do you think possible both will have at least $100k?

if my parents contribute Roth IRA this year, do you think paying off mortgage early next year is a good idea too? My parents mortgage monthly payment is $1000(709$ min + $291 extra down payment)


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