I don’t understand the inflation rate! The prices are way higher than what’s it’s been reported

Hello Everyone,

I work with small/med business development and the production lines, materials, oil are higher than what it’s been reported.

Most businesses bought at a higher rate and try to keep their doors open, now a lot are struggling to keep their doors open.

I don’t know how much correction of the market can actually lower the prices

Thanks everyone for your comments. I never meant this to be political by any means. Am a bit frustrated because I work with NGO that manage funds of millions of dollars in USA to support small businesses and they are struggling to survive. Most of our grants or small loans with low interests are not enough and is going directly to purchasing materials and not to improve business operations or development.
definitely supply chain factor. The media or numbers are not truly reflecting all economy or sizes. We need a new tool that provide additional support and not just grants or loans.

Sorry if I offended anyone!


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