How reliable are analysts?

I've been following EMH (European Metals Ltd) and buying shares every now and then. Recently it has had an uptick .24 p/share and I was curious about predictions.

Analysts suggest it could go as high as 212 p/share. This doesn't seem right to me, after my DD I do have faith in their future but contemporaries in the same field have a high of £22 p/share in the region and £55 p/share in the field. 212 does not seem realistic to me.

Don't get me wrong I would love for it to go 212 and I am investing in this company based on my DD and belief in their product not these analysts.

To circle back, are they reliable?

Edit: a lot of people here are confirming what I already suspected. The analysis is suspect at best and dangerous at worst. They can't predict the future any better than I can.


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