How many years of gains does it take to be considered competent in trading?

I've only been trading for about 3 years, and I still feel like an amateur. I've been in school and putting in about 10% of my time, but pulled in about 60% in 2021, 114% in 2020, and have pulled a solid 7.45% year to date. My boyfriend, and my dad, and some of my dad's friends have been just amazed by this performance, and between the job offers and suggestions I go into business for myself, I feel like the people who really do this for a living have to be pulling in much better returns? I'm also haunted by something I read on here, “In a bear market. Everyone is a genius.” Does everyone make consistent gains most days, or is it just me?

I do love trading and finance, it's one of the things that doesn't stress me out, how would I really know if this would be a good fit? Or or are these rookie returns and everyone is humoring me?


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