How is investing any different from gambling?

Good morning.

As a fairly new inverstor (10 months in) I would like your opinions/views on how investing differs from gambling.

Growing up, I assumed investing in the stock market would make my money grow. I am down $12,000 so far; I am down 30% in total.

Gambling most certainly would have led to the same result.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: I feel there is much manipulation in the stock market. A lot of shorting.

Edit #2:

Since a few people asked:

*BABA 92.70 (IPO price) Currently 80.15 Change -13.5%

*PWE 2.09 (averaged down) Currently 1.31 Change -38.1%

*MNKD 7.16 Currently 4.43 Change -37.0%

This is my entire portfolio.


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