How diversified are you by sector?

We always talk about how diversification into different companies is necessary to maintain a healthy portfolio. However, it does seem like a lot of us (including me to some extent) are all in technology / high growth, which would explain the strong reactions in this sub when the market turns down even in the slightest. So how diversified are you by sector and would you feel confident in your portfolio even if growth stocks lag over a period of time? Do you even view sector diversification as important?

Here’s mine:

Sector Percent
$CASH 16.17%
Bonds 0.33%
Commodities 0.59%
Communication 0%
Consumer Discretionary 3.32%
Consumer Staples 2.15%
Energy 0.96%
Financials 1.84%
Healthcare 0%
Industrials 1.24%
Information Tech 36.29%
International Index Funds 3.35%
Materials 1.87%
S&P Index Fund 22.38%
Small Cap ETF 3.33%
Utilities 1.24%
Value/Dividend ETFs 4.95%


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