HITI is the Best Cannabis Play on the Market and it is Time People Wake up to it

Below I have attached an outstanding article on HITI and DD. Here are some highlights and facts:

  1. Projected S280M for this year after $180M this year, which is up from $83M last year
  2. Trading at lower multiple to peer group with a ridiculously low PE
  3. Average PT of $10.59 and 6/6 analysts giving a buy signal. These PTs are honestly low imo.
  4. Projected to have 200 stores EOY 2023, up from 109 currently
  5. Most diversified revenue stream in all of cannabis with commanding E-Commerce and brick and mortar presence in addition to thousands of SKUs produced in house and proprietary technology
  6. Article discusses how they will have a strong presence in US brick and mortar and how they will expand into Germany, France, and the Netherlands. They are already in the UK.
  7. Discussion of revolutionary discount model and club membership program
  8. ETFs and hedge funds recently piling in as they trade on the NASDAQ (US cannabis companies cannot)

The list goes on. The only thing to really be aware of with this company is dilution, but anyone who knows anything about business understands what it takes to grow like this company is. They are growing at a perfect pace and only make top-notch acquisitions. The company is undeniable and has 50x growth potential over the next 10 years. Enjoy the read…


DD from ElGuapo: https://www.reddit.com/r/HighTideInc/comments/qo9gow/ultimate_high_tide_dd/?sort=new


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