Here are my investment rules, please feel free to share yours , there is always something to learn from others ,i am a long term investor.

1) invest long term (3 – 5 years)
2) invest in something you are fully confident with
3) Do not check your portfolio, remember you are long term investor.Checking your portfolio especially in bad times like this will lead you panick selling.
4) invest in 15 – 20 stocks preferably in different sectors
5) invest in profitable companies, i do not mean only value stocks,there are stocks with both value and growth characteristics.
6)Try to choose stocks with lower pe than it's peers.Pe is not the only fact.But if you spot a stock with decent outlook and low pe,it is the icing on the cake.The average pe in last 3 or 5 years will tell you if the stock is overvalued,for that reason do not compare only with it's peers.You have to do both.
7)Be greedy when others are fearful (Warren Buffet)


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