Has This Last Year Been Normal for Traders?

TL;DR: Been actively trading for a year. Looking for perspectives from people who have been trading for much longer than that. Was this last year unusual or just a case of “same shit, different day”?

What I mean is, is there always a new covid variant, or war looming, or supply shortages, or JPow saying things, or boats getting stuck in a f-ing canal? Do earnings always sell off 75% of the time? Do I need to take a macro economics course to figure out what the hell each will (most likely) do to the market?

I'm fine if this is the case, I just want to know so I can have an idea of where to focus my learning and possibly shift to a more overall bearish perspective, with things being bullish in short time frames, IF my focus is swinging mid and small caps.

I know you're probably going to say “What are you talking about? The S&P has been going straight up. Bears get rekt long term”. Ok, well there's also a segment of the market that has gone straight down since December (And it's not just “Meme Stocks”). And with these I've noticed a tendency in many stocks to run for a few days to weeks and then do nothing for months, so being overall bearish outside of blue chips doesn't seem like a terrible idea, especially if I'm also holding those stocks (but feel free to correct me if wrong).

Again, asking from a trading perspective. Not a “put everything in blue chips and SPY and wait” perspective. Thoughts on this recent market from experienced traders are appreciated. Thanks.


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