Google announces privacy changes to Android that will limit user data


  • It's a response to Apple's IDFA change that screwed FB
  • Google had to do something because it doesn't want to look bad and Apple has been touting its change as a user privacy benefit
  • Google's change is less drastic than Apple's, which was announced without giving any developers notice, and without any options
  • Google will focus on limiting the granularity of the user's data available to ads and aggregate more data instead of showing user level data
  • Advertisers will still have data, just less of it, and in more aggregated form instead of individual
  • Google's change will roll out in 2 years
  • It's more advertiser-friendly than what Apple did
  • But it's still a net negative to ad companies like FB, Snap, etc over what is there today

One very important thing to note is that Google learned from Apple's change that without cross-platform tracking, advertisers bought more search ads instead because the user's intent was more direct. This led to more business for Google. I highlighted it here why Google was salivating at the thought of doing this on Android too, in order to drive more ad business to its search and weaken Facebook.

How will this affect advertisement companies? Nothing for the next 2 years and likely a smallish to medium-ish impact after that.

Facebook has been renting the penthouse in the Apple Condo building and the Google Condo building. It was a good life. But now the owners of the buildings, Apple and Google, want to take the penthouses back.


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