Good companies you bought too high

We all know that, by choosing our own stocks, we’re bound to make some of these mistakes. We research the company, we know they’re profitable and stable, but we end up paying too much for their stock. Which companies in your portfolio are you holding that you entered at too high of a price? I’ll start…

1) MMM – I grabbed 10 shares at around 178 after it came down from 200 alongside AMGN and JNJ. Of the three purchased at the time, only MMM hasn’t printed. It’s a “forever” hold for me, but man, why did I think the high 170s was a decent price?

2) DIS – Bought on my first day in the market back in April of 2021. I had no clue how to value stocks at the time, and I grabbed them at 187. It’s only returned to that price once since then (August earnings beat), but otherwise it’s a permanent red mark.

3) INTC – Same as Disney. Day one purchase, just happened to buy when it was at 67. Have since added more at 47 to bring my average down, but wow, why the rush to buy?

4) CI – Not a day one buy, but I bought based on its up trending chart, hoping to continue riding the wave. Little did I know my 259 entry would be near the top of the wave, because CI since then dipped as far down as the high 190s.

5) RIO – Lured in by its dividends, I happened to buy at 90 when commodity prices were near their peak. It climbed to 97 before quickly tumbling into the 60s. It’s climbing again though, but I need to sell it and buy back in when commodities drop again.



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