Getting in on the ground floor

So, timing the market of an established industry isn't a (reliable) thing. But how about entire industries/sectors that haven't even started taking off? Companies that are just starting up in order to supply for some future need that has not yet materialized – or not materialized in the big way they will in the future?

I have no issue with investing in something and then seeing the the stock not move for a couple years with the conviction that when the need for these services materializes the companies that are already set on a global scale will take off in a big way. This approach has worked well for me with EVs (Tesla), and I'm currently looking for some other sectors – and the companies therein that are investing big on a global scale – that will take off in a 5-10 years timeframe. I.e. not areas where companies can just 'combust out of thin air' in order to take massive global share' (like pure software sectors).

Among the sectors I'm looking at are:

– vertical farming (Land degradation is happening. Droughts are increasing. Food security – or more precisely lack thereof – will be a thing in the future.)

– battery recycling (seems an obvious consequence with the EV takeover barring some harrwoing new tech developmentt where battery materials suddenly become so dirt cheap that they are cheaper to throw away than recycle)

– desalination (water shortages are going to be a thing with climate change)

– agriphotovoltaics

– grid storage (though that may be too late as the rampup is already in full swing)

Anyone have any others? Note, I'm not looking at anything national/local..only sectors that have a global scope – i.e. that have the ability for hypergrowth scenarios for a company in the right place at the right time.


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