Future of microchips?

Quantum chips used in cloud and AI for speed linked via a fibreoptic network so a “quantum Internet” a backbone in which everything else will attach to. Innovation in AI will be limited without quantum photonic chips. An Internet of cloud storage and AI processing.

I envisage chips progressing in technology so, they use less power improving battery performance by up to 4 times (already happening) and increasing speed of technology but there will be a limit in consumer tech due to the way in which consumer tech and cloud and AI processing will interact… but things such as quantum chips and a quantum Internet will fundementally alter the way we use technology and everything else will branch off of that quantum network.

In the future I think that AI will alter entertainment and the way we consume it ie you could ask Netflix for example to create a movie or TV series based on your preferences and basic story and it would create that entertainment for you, same with computer games, computer games is the next stage with movie like quality as your avatar moves through it. This will require fast Internet and quantum computers as well as cloud storage for processing and storage needs. There's no need for increased innovation in consumer computing we will use the cloud and AI for processing purposes, Microsoft views it the same way hence their 100 billion AI supper computer and cloud storage they will soon build.

Fibre can be faster than low earth orbit internet constellations currently… but that will change everything will be linked via it one day.

I only have a loose understanding of quantum computing, how else could you envisage our future and what could grow from a quantum computing network?

So from an investment perspective the future of chip innovation is limited due to the way in with everything will be linked, quantum computing taking over data processing and AI supercomputing with a limit in innovation reached with consumer tech. Using faster Internet to bridge the gap.

Consumer chip companies future advantage being in scalability and mass production. Intel is positioning itself so it can scale up innovating in mass production, are there any others like that? Because that takes years.

A diverging chip market with financial gain seen in mass produced chip manufacturing. Quantum computing will take more time, and linked to the big tech stocks like Microsoft, Google and Amazon who are developing their own quantum computers.


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