Finding potentially upcoming stocks based on sentiment data through multiple medias, publishing them through a monthly news letter.

I’m considering building the above mentioned tool, but want feedback whether it would be relevant. So the concept is the following:

  • Analyze text from multiple medias and social medias. This includes sentiment analysis, so whether the talk is positive and negative as well as the popularity of the stocks, so how often the stock is mentioned across all the medias.

  • I’m able to process multiple languages so I would also be able to analyze medias who is not in English, allowing it to analyze stocks in different countries.

  • The output would be something like a newsletter containing a ranking of the found stocks per month. Further more I would also allow filtering so one could see the popularity of the found stocks in different markets e.g. pharmaceutical.

  • The output should not be considered as proposals to which stocks to buy. But should be used as an addition to your own analysis.

I’m not the biggest stock guru, but I like to build software stuff. So would this idea be trash?


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