Fees + Expense Ratios

I've noticed some extremely small fees/commissions with Fidelity when selling just about anything, and had two brief questions if anyone knows the answer.

  1. It looks like a fee ratio of about $0.01 for a $1000-value sell, or around 0.001%. Extremely damaging, as you can guess. Has anyone else noticed this? I use ActiveTraderPro to make trades, if that's the explanation. Let me know if I should go on r/Fidelity for this one.
  2. I wondered if it was the expense ratio being factored in upon liquidation, but #1 is the case for stock sales as well. So my 2nd question: how are expense ratios factored into a fund when you sell it? For example, QQQ or SPY trades? Is there somewhere I can find this information?


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