Feeling depressed about META, do you think they have a future?

Unironically, I personally think the Zucc is a genius. I bought a Quest 2 and loved it so much I promptly bought 7000 euros of stock (before earnings, at $330 per share..)

What I have since been thinking was that I was naive. Despite me believing in and loving VR, I am now much more pessimistic about their future, mostly because of regulators and people's perception. META have a chip on their shoulder from their Facebook days, and regulators will take every opportunity to stuff their pockets with META money in the future. What happens when the guardian system of the Quest 2 bugs out and someone falls off the balcony and dies? What happens when women get molested in VR chat? I tried VR chat as a man, and it's stupidly immersive, for a first timer it's like real life and it's truly next level sexual harassment if someone does target you. There is nothing Facebook can do except promptly ban people, however, unless you literally mute people from the get-go.

There is just so many opportunities for META to get sued up the ass about VR, even if it does manage to take off. There was today alone an article about them threatening to leave the EU (hello another -5% day). The future of advertising is uncertain following the tussle with Apple, etc.

Am I being too pessimistic? Is FB approaching deep value as their PE creeps towards 15?


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