Feedback Please: Examples of failed/poor stocks

Hello friends. Like others I try to learn as much about investing and the businesses I invest in. I try to figure out what stock is a good investment for my money in advance and monitor it for performance over time. There are a lot of examples of “good” investments, but I am also interested in what a “bad” investment looks like, but besides some of the more well known stock failures, it is hard to find “common” examples.

I am looking for stocks that:

  • Completely failed with closure or bankruptcy
  • Left the market and went back to private
  • Performed so bad it was removed from the main stock exchanges and went to OTC
  • And other examples

What stock do you know of that are a good example of a failed or poor performing investment stock wise?

Here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head, but looking for all examples for my education:

  • WISH
  • BEBE


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