$FB officially worth less than $NVDA

I know this sub is primarily focused on fundamentals and typically conservative, but there are some big bulls out there.

Can someone explain to me how $NVDA is not overvalued out the ass as every article I read see screams to buy $NVDA as it is a discount right now.

Company Market Cap TTM Rev $M Pretax Income $M PE Ratio
Facebook 599.317B 117,929 47,284 15.99
Nvidia 625.691B 24,274 8,546 77.42
AMD 153.786B 16,434 3,669 49.89

When I look at these companies, I do not understand how Nvidia could be priced where it is now. The two big areas of growth people seem to have for Nvidia is the self driving space and the metaverse. Self driving is years away from being viable and there are many players. Isn't metaverse the exact thing that has demolished $FB's market cap? How can you be bullish on one and bearish on the other for the exact same thing?

Earnings are next week and everything seems to scream this is going under. At the same time I am remembering that markets can remain irrational for longer than I can remain solvent.

I'm interested in hearing why this stock demands such a premium.


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