Fall from grace

So last year I made pretty decent returns with a combination of shares and options (I actually beat SPY by a couple %, yay)

In January I decided to “take risk off the table” by unwinding my options and putting just about all of my cash into the FAANG stocks

Due to recent events, I took roughly a 20% hit on that

I decided that well, ETFs are more diversified and so safer. Rolled everything into a combination of shares and options in QQQ and SPY

Both of these “safer” positions have lost me more than what my original positions would have

Bro wtf

The only saving grace at the moment is that I am purely cash, so no margin calls 🤷‍️ I still have a pretty long time horizon for retiring, but having such a massive and immediate drawdown is rather depressing

Anyway, just needed to vent. Thanks


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