Doubt ETF : high growth or low price

A few months ago I started investing and I find ETFs a great opportunity for someone like me who is just starting out without much idea.

If I am not mistaken apart from choosing for you the best companies, they also do maintenance (adding, removing companies) and adjusting the % received to each one.

I am looking for more good ETFs to add to my portfolio, but I find myself in the doubt indicated in the title.

For example between XLF and QQQ.

QQQ as of today has a value of 358.01 USD 3 Year Return 115.43%.

XLK on the other hand 159.60 USD 3 Year Return 146.46%.

For the price of 1 share in QQQ I can buy almost 2 shares in XLK, this means that with a similar growth these 3 years let's say 120% for both, for example 1000$ would have given twice as much profit in XLK by being able to buy two shares?


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