Do I take the loss to free up funds for a new strategy?

Long story short I put some money in a pink sheet stock and got burned… well actually i made an insane return and didn't cash out but that's water under the bridge now. The price might still recover eventually however now that I'm older I'm starting to implement a different reading strategy. Mostly I realize it's probably better to take a small profit multiple times than try to just make a huge return over weeks or months.

That being said im pretty set in my risk tolerances and I refuse to juat deposit more money, I'd rather use what's already in the account. Problem is that money is tied up in the loser stock. So do I take the loss and then use that money to build it back up or do I just leave it and put more money in?

TLDR: I got a stock that's down like 80% or so and want to use the capital towards a different trading strategy. Should I take the loss?


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