Disney is now trading at same price as before pandemic ($137)

This really blows my mind. Pros for Disney:

  • It is now trading as if none of the growth of Disney+ happened at all.
  • Omicron news is getting better all the time.
  • Given weaker growth for Netflix, it might give Disney more room to catch up in content.

Possible cons:

  • Maybe Netflix's failure is a sign that streaming is a tough business and if Netflix can't do it well, how could Disney?
  • Eternals show us that it's not that easy to create hits. Marvel can't win every single time.
  • There's some concerns regarding Disney's CEO.

I already hold some Disney (bagholding at $170) so I don't think I'm going to buy more for now. But have sold a 30 day expiration put for $120 strike price.


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