Difficulty obtaining Medallion Signature Guarantee for Transfer of Shares

I have shares of stock that I would like to transfer as a gift to my son from my investment account but they are requiring a Medallion Signature Guarantee.

The issue with this is that I currently do not live in the US and this service is only available there and some countries such as UK and Australia but since I live in Asia, this is not possible.

Currently, I have two options:

  • My son has a TD Ameritrade account and he has the option to initiate the transfer on his side with this form https://documents.advisorservices.com/onlineforms/wis_pdfs/TDAI9582.pdf and I would have to fill out section 4 of the TD transfer form and visit a notary to get my letter of intent sealed. However, it states in the end of the form that “Please note that not all carrying firms will accept this section to allow a transfer between unlike titles. The ultimate discretion to allow a transfer between unlike titles lies with the carrying custodian.”

  • I found this online service https://esignatureguarantee.com/ but I am a little hesitant on providing them with so much private information. Has anyone here used this service before and is it legit?


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