$CLF discussion

Stumbled onto this company last week, took up an earnings related position but I’m thinking about going even longer. Want to hear some counterpoints and strategies…

10.5B valuation right now for a company that did 6B revenue last quarter, 17B over the last 4 quarters, quarterly revenue doubled from the same period last year, and the stock is only up 20% over 12 months..

A P/E RATIO BELOW 10?!? What is this? a genuine fundamentally good buy not centered on massive projected growth? I’m a bit smooth up top (ask when I bought PLUG for the only evidence you need) but I do get a warm and fuzzy feeling here.

I’m also very bullish on materials, specifically metals and manufacturing, both of which this company seems to be a major player in. It’s my thesis that even through a market pullback centered on tech, materials and industry will see a cyclical increase in long positions regardless. Low short interest, good volume this month, I think bigger players are already moving in. But again I’m not good at this stuff per-say..

I know of no major news recently or in the near future, but I’d love to hear your takes and counterpoints

Shares, LEAPS, or am I big dumb?


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