Aunt with dementia can’t remember stock companies

Please help me. I know nothing about finances beyond how to manage my own and just get by.

My aunt made me her beneficiary and heir awhile back. She has since started declining mentally. I want to make sure her finances are in order before she dies.

She used to be very good with stocks and investing and has made a LOT of money. Like, it’s blowing my mind. 7 figures. Maybe more. I’m completely out of my depths.

I’ve started by consolidating some CDs she had at like 0.25% to one of her largest brokers at a higher rate. But she owns a lot of physics certificates as well. I’ve gotten some from her safety deposit boxes. I’ve gotten some from companies she remembered she had stock in. But she knows there are more and I believe there are as well.

My questions boils down to these.

How can I find companies she has stock in?

What can I do to consolidate them and make them easier to manage? It’s over 30 individual accounts with 100k+ in them.

Is there a singular person I can meet with to manage all of this?

I have power of attorney. All advice welcome. Thank you so much.


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