As an accumulator would you rather own General Mills or MSFT?

I'm not sure if I understand why anyone would want to own a stock like say GIS over MSFT for example.

What is the point? I mean even if MSFT has not so great returns the next 5 years, they'll most likely be better than Proctor and Gamble or something like General Mills.

Yes, they're “stable” and great American companies and have a descent dividend, but so isn't Microsoft and, I'm just assuming, but feel even on a bad year(s) will return better than these companies.

I mean I can see if you had $500k you wanted to be relatively safe and not put it in something like CRWD or even. TSLA maybe, but I'm sure MSFT would offer just as much safety long term and better return on your money than GIS or PG (examples only).


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