@Apple needs to be set straight

Between removing the invaluable aux port so users are more likely to buy airpods, removing the 128GB option (THE BEST CHOICE) so users are practically forced to pay more for the 256GB model, selling charging cables separately, refusing to innovate in any other area than adding more cameras to the back of the phone, making user’s devices failure imminent if their IOS is upgraded, not allowing users to turn off or cover their cameras to avoid invasive hacking, creating trackers that can be used to stalk people, taking 30% from developers profits, and pushing out near identical products every year, i’d say that there needs to be a push to initiate a response to these issues.

Consumers need to join together and not let these corrupt assholes walk all over them.

We want to see some positive improvements. Removing features, degrading our devices integrity, and swapping the color scheme ain’t cutting it.

Perhaps the bright future was lost when Steve Jobs passed away..

Step it up!

What do you people think? Is everyone okay to settle for this bullshit money scheme they’ve managed to degrade their company into?

People tell me to shut my mouth, others tell me to be LOUD. Well here it is.

Some b*tcha$$ mod at WSB censored me.


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