Any tips on how to recover when you are down 35%+ on your capital? And feel as if it could take years before you ever return to break even.

I started investing in January 2021 after hearing from my friends how easy it was and seeing that reddit stock sub make the news. I invested in Cathie Wood stocks, weed stocks, SPACs, and other unprofitable companies that kept being recommended on reddit and YouTube. It didnt end well.

I made a resolution to change my ways in the last week of December 2021. In the midst of a “tax loss harvesting” narrative going on in the media. I decided to start buying profitable companies, ones that pay dividends, and index funds. So I sold all those Cathie Wood, meme, unprofitable stocks after being down 25% on them and put that into things like WM, LEN, GS, JPM, FB, SPY, VOO, and some other stocks the first week of January 2022. 8 weeks later that turned out to be the top for many of the stocks I bought and now I am down 35% on my capital.

Am I screwed for several years? It is at a point where people are saying stocks entry points that were dreamed about last year aren't good enough. Fintech and homebuilders being two examples of it. It is feeling like it could be years before I recover from these losses and investing isnt as easy as my friends told me when I got into it in January 2021.


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