Am I missing where Apple was removed from FAANG?

Either I'm a complete idiot and living under a rock or this analyst for Bank of America is a complete clown (big surprise).

Short snippet:

We continue to rate Amazon as our top FANG and large-cap Internet stock for 2022,” Bank of America analyst Justin Post wrote in his report.

Amazon pushed markets up on Friday, and was the best performing FANG (an acronym of four of the biggest tech stocks, Meta (FB) (formerly Facebook), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), and Alphabet (GOOG)) stock of the week

I'm sorry, an acronym for FOUR of the biggest tech stocks? Are we just going to ignore the world's MOST VALUABLE COMPANY with a 2.8T market cap? I'm not a holder but I find it blatant disrespect to just ignore Apple when talking about FANG. It leaves me with only 2 conclusions, either there's a specific reason they're omitting Apple, or this analyst actually has 0 idea wtf he's talking about which destroys any credibility he had in the first place.

Someone tell me I'm completely off here


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