Advice needed as a confused 20yo

Hi everyone, its been about half a year since i started investing, and i have to admit there were a lot of times where i bought hype stocks because they seemed popular on this thread and bogleheads. However, now, certain stocks like PLTR are down 50% and reddit comments seem to suggest it wasnt a good company to begin with. So now, as I am new and not very educated about stocks, i am conflicted.

I have invested about 7.5k USD, and im already at a loss of 850 USD, and i am not sure if i am doing the right thing. Since i realised i dont know much about stocks, the last few months i have been putting more and more onto VTI. These are the stocks i have been holding, and could any more experienced investors advise me on if im doing the right thing by holding? I would really appreciate it.

VTI – 32%
MSFT – 20%
VXUS – 10%

NVDA – 6%
V – 6%
MA – 5%
AMD – 5%

PLTR – 3%
SOFI – 3%
PYPL – 3%
FB – 3%
AAPL – 3%

ICLN – 1%
HIMX – 1%


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